How it works

Make money with CoinPot-based crypto-routs

Many of the reliable Faucets use the 'CoinPot' to make an direct payout of your gathered bitcoins.

Step 1: Create Coinpot Account

Go to and create your own account there. There you just have to enter an e-mail address and set your own password. After completing the registration, you can log in to CoinPot.

CoinPot now allows you to collect the following cryptocurrencies : Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash.

Step 2: Log in to a cryptofaucet

Tip: Use the same e-mail address for all accounts.

The cryptofaucets will use the e-mail address of your CoinPot account to make the assignment.

You can find in the list above cryptofaucets that has been marked with the 'Coinpot' icon. Choose one of these faucets.

Use the e-mail address used in step 1 to register with this faucet.

Step 3: Get crypto for free

Typically, on the following page of the Faucet provider, you will find a striking button labeled 'Claim'. Just click on the button - maybe a small task (Captcha) has to be solved - and you have already received your first free Bitcoins (SAT).

Now you can repeat this process after a short wait. Depending on the faucet, the waiting time may vary. The current account balance on 'Coinpot' will be updated directly, so you can always check how much you have already collected.

Step 4: Payout

The good thing about CoinPot is the ability to exchange the collected coins directly into other supported cryptocurrencies.

Payouts to well-known wallet providers like Coinbase are free. For all other payouts, the transaction fees are just as manageable and since the transactions are not calculated percentage, it may make sense to the various currencies collected to one and then make a one-time transaction.


Make money with crypto-routs

These faucets usually work with intrinsic wallet, which is linked to their own wallet. The payment is not made directly on your own wallet, but must be triggered manually.

Step 1: Create your own wallet

For cryptofaucets that are not based on 'CoinPot', you need to enter your own wallet address.

CoinPot also generates a 'Deposit Address'. If you're signed in to CoinPot, you can go here.

Step 2: Log in to a cryptofaucet

Select a cryptofaucet at list above, which has been marked with the gray 'Own Wallet' icon, and follow the respective registration instructions in order to complete your registration.

Step 3: Get crypto for free

You will find a striking button labeled 'claim' after logging in, or something similar. By clicking on this button - if necessary, a captcha must be solved beforehand - the current premium amount will be paid to you.

Depending on the Faucetanbieter, you can repeat this step after a certain waiting time.

Step 4: Payout

Unlike on CoinPot crypto routines, your collected coins are stored in the intrinsic wallet.

You can find two prominently placed buttons with the inscription 'Deposit' or 'Widthdraw' on the page of the Faucet provider.

By clicking on 'Withdraw' you will be redirected to a form where you can initiate a payout of your coins.

You can change the wallet ID stored during registration at any time in the profile settings.

Note: Take a look at the current transaction fees before paying out. The transaction fees may vary depending on the amount and rate of the currency.